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Business Continuity Preparedness & Management

Natural disasters, acts of terrorism and acts of fraud over the past decade have taught us all some valuable lessons on the importance of having business continuity plans. Businesses must think ahead and implement a plan for the day when their immediate working environment might change. Many regulations and standards have been established in order to enforce new processes aimed at closing the gaps and preparing businesses to have a back-up plan for whatever might happen in the future.

Business Continuity is an essential part of every organization’s business work-plan, regardless of the organization’s size, cash flow or location around the world. These processes can appear in the form of an official management document or may be a part of an existing business process that had been integrated as part of a business’s on-going routine. It is interesting to note that in many cases a business may be unaware that it is already following an informal business continuity management plan – that consists of the basic layout and processes of an official documented plan.

Business continuity management deals with the ongoing business routine even in the time of an unexpected change in the organizational physical or logical environment. The same growth mechanisms that led the organization to its position before the unexpected change occurred, should be kept so the business growth will be kept in spite of the environmental change.

We provide organizations with a wide array of business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency communications products and services to ensure you have the ability to communicate... no matter where, no matter when, no matter what™.

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