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Digital Signage - Money Pit or Magnet?

From content to infrastructure, Digital Signage can quickly become a bandwidth- and time-consuming black hole. But done right, it holds the power to attract, captivate and engage customers like never before. This new executive brief outlines a strategic approach to selection, deployment, management and ROI considerations that can help you harness the power of transformational Digital Signage.

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SageNet End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions

Our Digital Signage solutions offer simplicity and security to meet both the Marketing and IT needs of multi-site organizations. We bring you the systems integration expertise, highly qualified technical resources, and depth of experience in Managed Network Services to design, install, and monitor a multi-site digital signage solution – enabling your marketing team to remotely create, deploy, and control dynamic digital content, site-by-site and enterprise-wide.

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A Fully Managed Solution for Digital Signage

A trusted provider of Managed Network Solutions and network-centric consulting services, we provide a fully managed turnkey approach to digital signage deployment and network monitoring, based on our proven development methodology.

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Integration & Deployment

It all begins with our Needs Analysis. We work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current environment, including business requirements, site surveys, and long-term business goals. This step is absolutely critical to the overall success of developing the a digital signage solution compatible with your goals, network and resources, and that will support your long-term goals. Once compiled and documented, the needs analysis serves as the basis for the digital signage solution design.

Based on the needs analysis, our network engineers then design a solution that is sound, efficient, technically flexible, and – more importantly – a network solution that meets the customer’s functional requirements. This phase also includes site surveys, a detailed budget, project plan, and installation schedule.

Our nationwide network of certified technicians provides complete installation of the digital signage solution. Our project managers orchestrate all installation team activities, managing the process according to a customer-specific project plan. We have the resources and expertise to handle every aspect of the project.

• Content Strategy and Creation

Fresh, localized, dynamic content is the key to digital signage success. We work with your marketing team to help develop a realistic, achievable and effective content strategy.

Whether you plan to create content in-house or using third-party vendors, our Digital Signage team provides a la carte or turnkey content support. Slides, graphics, advertising, animation, video, live feeds.... we work with you to ensure content is creative, professional and programmed, produced and optimized for your specific digital signage environment.

• Software

Our all-in-one cloud-based Content Management System makes it easy to create, design, schedule, edit, publish and manage content. It supports a wide range of media formats (video, images, RSS, web and more). This intuitive drag-and-drop system makes it easy to schedule (or reschedule) content as needed.  The CMS also allows you to auto-locate, manage and monitor individual remote displays as needed.

We also configure, test and install all required network-related and player software to ensure your digital signage solution is seamlessly integrated into your network.

• Hardware

Our certified technicians specify, select and procure the digital signage solution hardware components that best fit your unique environment, goals and objectives. We procure the hardware – displays, players, routers, switches, servers – and install and configure the software for the network solution. Each component is meticulously staged, configured, tested, and re-tested.

• Connectivity

Our approach to Managed Network Services is completely network and carrier independent. This technology-neutral philosophy provides every customer with the industry’s broadest range of network services and coverage options, while lowering their total cost of network ownership. Cable, copper, cellular, fiber or satellite, we have a uniquely broad and deep understanding of all communications technologies to ensure your digital signage solution – and your entire network – have the bandwidth and security they need.

Our experience with in-store wiring, Wi-Fi and structured cabling ensures that your local area network delivers secure, robust connectivity to every device and every corner in your store.

Maintenance & Managed Services

Our Help Desk provides 24/7/365 monitoring from fully-redundant Network Operations Centers, including comprehensive network management as well as monitoring of Digital Media Players (DMP) and displays to provide detailed device management, screen diagnostics and alerts. Our NOCs deliver the support needed to cover every contingency, including troubleshooting, site-level support to non-technical staff, and nationwide break /fix maintenance and field support.

Our Digital Signage Features at a Glance.

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