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From flexible back-up plans to next day turn-up options, in today’s network-reliant world a lack of wires, fiber or cable is no longer an excuse for a lack of high-speed connectivity. That’s why businesses that demand broadband depend on SageNet. We offer a variety of wireless solutions for applications such as:

  • Back-up network solutions featuring a flexible approach to equipment and carrier selection and “pooled” usage plans to ensure low costs.
  • Broadband-on-demand solutions that provide next day 3G/4G connectivity to new store openings where traditional broadband installation has been delayed, or when landlines connectivity has been disrupted.
  • Low Usage Solutions for sites, such as ATMs, that require relatively infrequent but high-speed connectivity.
  • Low Cost “fill-in” where traditional broadband is not available.
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And in an increasingly complicated network environment, our Connect Series of Managed Network Services brings wireless connectivity within the realm of network clarity. From hardware to connectivity, our technology-neutral suite of Cable, EoC, DSL, T1, 4G, Satellite, MPLS and Wi-Fi solutions delivers the broadest, most reliable coverage and the lowest total cost of ownership.

With more than 30 years of proven managed services expertise, Our comprehensive suite of full lifecycle management solutions includes network connectivity, security, implementation and support. Our full lifecycle solutions are backed by state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Management and Operation Centers and a nationwide service and support organization.

Providing every site and every organization with the best networking technology for its uniquely individual needs is not only our strength, it’s our passion. And it’s what makes us the most trusted provider of Managed Network Services on earth, in the cloud and beyond.