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Wi-Fi Networks & Services

Analysts estimate that by 2015, Wi-Fi will account for 46 percent of total network access. And perhaps no industry is more affected by, or has more influence on, the proliferation of wireless communication than retail.
Operationally, Wi-Fi helps retailers run stores more efficiently and implement 3rd party apps with greater flexibility. Sales associates are also unleashed from the checkout counter to provide better customer service. Moreover, customers now have an expectation of access. Consumers look to retailers to empower their devices to help them make easier and smarter purchases.

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A Tiered Approach to Win/Win Wi-Fi Strategies

For retailers and customers alike, the Wi-Fi network must be fast, reliable, accessible and secure. However, to deploy a win/win Wi-Fi strategy that satisfies both employees and consumers on a store-by-store and enterprise-wide basis the retailer must overcome numerous challenges, including:

  • Achieving and maintaining Wi-Fi coverage for 100% of the store, 100% of the time
  • Managing constant fluctuations in Wi-Fi service
  • Minimizing liability due to viruses “obtained” via the Wi-Fi network
  • Providing a familiar user experience across all stores

Protecting Customers From Wireless Imposters  
Even retailers who don’t operate Wi-Fi services are required by PCI-DSS to scan for rogue Wi-Fi networks that may be surreptitiously deployed within their stores. For these retailers, our Rogue Wi-Fi Detection services provide the tools and techniques to detect and report rogue Wi-Fi networks to ensure compliance.
From rogue detection, to planning and installation, to comprehensive management, monitoring, maintenance and security services, SageNet takes the worry out of Wi-Fi.

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