SOC and SIEM Services

Bundled security intelligence services and solutions to combat today's cyber-risks

Effective security event monitoring is critical for the health and longevity
of any organization, yet many organizations struggle in this area. Whether
there is a lack of resources and budget to monitor and investigate around
the clock, or a lack of skilled technical talent to understand large volumes
of security data, it is very common for organizations to be challenged
with a healthy security event monitoring solution. SageNet has listened
to our customers’ feedback and built a solution and service that delivers
real value.

SOC/SIEM Fact Sheet

Features & Benefits

    • 24/7 Manned Security Event Monitoring & Response Service
    • Staffed by Certified Security Analysts
    • Automated Machine learning SIEM platforms
    • Enables rapid identification of anomalous or potentially malicious activity
    • Facilitates containment, remediation and mitigates risk
    SIEM as a Service

    Siem As A Service2


    SOC as a Service

    Soc As A Service2

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