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SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services™ M2M (Machine to Machine) BGAN solutions are an evolution of traditional BGAN, delivering cost-effective IP-based service for low data rate SCADA applications. Our M2M BGAN solutions are unaffected by weather, consume very little power, and feature small, easy to install terminals.



Armadillo Advantage™ - VSAT/BGAN

The SageNet Armadillo Advantage™ is an integrated hybrid BGAN/KuVSAT encased in a durable, weatherproofed housing. It includes three main state-of-the-art components: a SkyEdge® II VSAT, a BGAN terminal, and a remotely managed Router. This innovative technology provides seamless switchover from primary VSAT connectivity to alternate and different satellite connectivity. 

The Armadillo Advantage supports a wide range of applications including: SCADA, video surveillance, military applications, and any other use where collection and transmission of critical data at remote outdoor locations is needed