Mark Parker

Mark Parker

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

"Taking the first step is daunting for small businesses, but Cybersecurity is more important than ever with all the data breaches we’re seeing. They see the big companies getting hit, but 2- to 3-person companies can be impacted just as easily by a simple phishing attack that can cripple their business. Many never recover. Instead of paying higher rates for Cybersecurity insurance coverage, it makes sense to work with a partner that can help you implement protections scaled to your needs, but still retain the enterprise quality you deserve."

Mark Parker is an experienced security-centered architect and systems administrator with a long history of working directly with companies to use his extensive knowledge of business systems architecture to help them find and improve security solutions for their operations.

Previous Experience: 

Systems Administrator and Security Analyst, WPX Energy

  • Mark helped oversee security, infrastructure, and virtualization for this major Oklahoma-based oil and energy company.

Information Systems Security Manager, Aerial Data Service, Inc.

  • As manager of information systems security for this Tulsa-based aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping company, Mark oversaw data security at the DoD level for the processing of GIS for our nation’s major contractors.

Topics Mark can speak on:

  • Cybersecurity at all layers (internal, perimeter, edge, and cloud)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • Citrix and VDI
  • Infrastructure virtualization
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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