Severe Weather 200

Hurricane Dorian
Emergency Management Plan and Procedures

As Tropical Storm Dorian approaches, be assured that SageNet associates are working around the clock to support you and your organization. SageNet's NOCs and Call Centers are located outside of the storm's major impact area, and are operating under normal conditions. Our main offices are hardened facilities with backup systems that are tested regularly.

Our help desks are fully staffed, and ready to respond to your requests.  It is important to open tickets with us, so that we can make sure we are aware of all service-affecting issues. We will do everything possible to restore your affected services.

Main Number for Our Help Desks:
Marietta, GA Call Center: 800.325.9202 or email

Tulsa, OK Call Center: 800.400.8999 or email

For sites located in areas impacted by the storm, we have field techs with equipment standing by in order to restore services as soon as the area has been cleared for people to enter and perform the work.  We will act as quickly as possible in order to restore services to sites impacted by the storm.

Carrier Emergency Repair Procedures:

As a reminder, during declared National Emergencies, the Carriers take a triage approach to getting people back in service starting with Emergency Response Providers, Hospitals, etc., and then work through the remaining problem areas.