Executive Strategy and Leadership

On-demand expertise and leadership to develop, implement and oversee cybersecurity strategy

C-level cybersecurity consulting services help align an organization’s IT security strategy and processes with its business goals and operations. These service help ensure that corporate information, applications and technology are protected and IT investments are optimized. The role of the security executive extends beyond network perimeter and the data center and now includes risk reduction, weighing security investments and validating the effectiveness of the security strategy.

Your SageNet c-level security executive/virtual CISO works directly with your organization to develop, implement and oversee IT security strategy, providing on-demand expertise and leadership. SageNet gives you access to top security talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring a qualified, full-time employee. Your virtual CISO will fill the knowledge gap when creating security policies, standards and best practices that protect corporate assets and meet compliance requirements. When a security incident does inevitably occur, your virtual CISO will be able to draw from a depth of experience in a wide range of scenarios to minimize damage and facilitate recovery.

SageNet offers the services of a virtual CISO as part of our managed security services solution. Let us show you how a virtual CISO can help you cost-effectively develop and manage a security strategy that reduces the risk of a breach.

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