Utility-tough Managed Network Services for fast transmission, rapid response, and real-time control

While the digital world grabs headlines, the real-world remains dependent on the tangible utilities that are fundamental to our comfort, and to our very survival. Whether its power, oil, natural gas or water, the journey from source to consumer may cross thousands of miles of often remote and isolated territory. A failure anywhere along the way can affect tens of thousands of people.
The key to preventing avoidable disruptions and recovering and restoring services when the unavoidable happens, is real-time monitoring throughout the system. From SCADA and smart grid applications, and advanced metering to video surveillance and VoIP, we offer built-in redundancy for high availability… always. 

SageNet Ku-SCADA Series

The SageNet-Ku SCADA Series is a line of commercial grade pre-packaged VSAT services, optimized for the best performance for mission critical application environments. These services feature some of the best SLAs in the industry, including the industry’s only “Minimum Assured Speed” guarantee, as well as 24 x 7 customer support and professional-grade installation and maintenance options.


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From primary broadband for data, voice and video to SCADA and M2M comms, to cellular or satellite back-up, the industry's leading utilities count on SageCONNECT for reliable, secure and affordable connectivity.

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Our Digital Signage solutions offer simplicity and security to meet both the Marketing and IT needs of multi-site organizations. We bring you the systems integration expertise, highly qualified technical resources, and depth of experience in Managed Network Services to design, install, and monitor a multi-site digital signage solution.

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Whether outsourcing or co-sourcing security operations, SageNet’s security team helps some of the nation's largest utilities achieve regulatory compliance while instituting a best-practice-based security program.

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SageNet’s IoT Visibility platform detects enterprise-wide problems and provides network solutions through IoT data collection and analytics. The platform also gathers data from multiple sources to provide network standards and predictive analytics, improving the overall network and end-user experience.

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