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Security, Reliability, Integrity: The Credentials of a Credit Union Network

Truity Credit Union


In recent years, mega-mergers, rising fees and investment scandals have weakened public confidence in banks. The nation’s regional credit unions present consumers with an attractive alternative for financial services. With good reason. As not-for-profit, membership-based institutions, credit unions enjoy an excellent reputation for outstanding customer support, affordable services and a member-first attitude. However, this enviable reputation raises the bar for all aspects of the credit union’s services, chief among them, the network that supports virtually every aspect of today’s credit union operations.

Truity Credit Union exemplifies the fusion of an old-fashioned commitment to customer service and a forward-thinking adoption of the latest in network technology. Headquartered in Bartlesville, OK, Truity Credit Union is a “not for profit, but for service” cooperative financial institution founded in 1939. With eight branches across the southwestern United States, Truity offers its member-owners a full range of financial services from basic savings and checking accounts to mortgage loans, investment planning, online banking, electronic bill payment, mobile banking and more.

Much has changed over Truity’s more than 75- year history, but the quality of integrity remains constant. The network is no exception. Network reliability, availability and security are among the organization’s top priorities. That’s why, nearly six years ago, Truity made the switch to SageNet for its managed network solutions.

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, SageNet designs, implements and manages fast, secure and reliable networks that empower organizations to achieve their core business objectives.

The company offers credit unions a uniquely broad and deep understanding of local and wide area networks, backed by a proven track record of deploying customer-focused technology solutions. SageNet manages communications at more than 220,000 locations for many of the nation’s leading retail, healthcare and financial services enterprises, as well as energy companies, public utilities, lotteries and government agencies.


For Truity, the switch to SageNet was a natural fit for the member-focused credit union. “We were using one of the major carriers for our network,” said Truity CIO, Marty O’Connell. “However, we felt like we were just a small fish in a very large pond to them. As a Credit Union, we set a very high standard for customer service, and we expect the same from our partners. With SageNet, we know we are important.”

“In addition, with the traditional carrier, the monthly billing was frustrating. The monthly bill was a confusing inch-and-a-half thick document and our costs were unpredictable. SageNet provides a simple to understand one-page bill at a reasonable pre-determined rate.”


Security and reliability are paramount for Truity. SageNet provides secure MPLS connectivity between Truity’s Bartlesville headquarters and its branch offices. In addition, SageNet provides a 1 gigabit disaster recovery circuit between Truity’s headquarters and a completely redundant recovery co-lo site in Tulsa. For added redundancy, a secondary fiber optic link, via a completely separate carrier and infrastructure, provides 100% SLA-backed auto-failover backup connectivity.

For branch office connectivity, SageNet’s vendor-neutral approach allows the company to procure the best (fastest, most reliable and affordable) connection for each site. SageNet evaluated, and continues to evaluate, the connectivity options available at each branch and selects the service based on the branch’s precise requirements.

As additional branch applications have been added, SageNet has cost-effectively increased bandwidth to each site. In addition to the transaction-based and administrative traffic, the branch LANs also now support jitter-free voice-over-IP, IP-based premises security and digital signage. To ensure network availability, each branch has 3G backup capabilities that kick-in should the primary network connection fail.


SageNet and Truity also share an organization-wide culture of security that results in a philosophy that transcends checklists. “As a membership-based financial institution, we have a responsibility and duty to keep our member/owner information secure, and our employees safe,” commented O’Connell. “SageNet’s expertise in compliance issues, Advanced Threat Protection, and in IP-based premises security technologies makes them a valuable asset in our top-to-bottom commitment to security. SageNet works proactively to help provide insight into where the areas of possible exposure are and how best to prevent, deter and detect threats to network security.”

In a business built on 75 years of hard-earned trust and integrity, the network has become a reflection of an organization’s commitment to its members. Whether it’s the convenience of online banking, electronic bill payment and mobile banking or the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information is secure and confidential, a credit union’s member-owner has high expectations. Truity Credit Union and SageNet work every day to ensure they continue to meet and exceed those expectations.


Truity Credit Union


Truity Credit Union


Evolving financial service environment requires high-speed, highly secure communications... backed by ultimate network reliability.


  • High-speed, secure MPLS primary network connectivity
  • 100% SLA with fully-redundant auto fail-over back-up
  • Branch primary broadband with 3G back-up


  • Redundant communications network for ultimate reliability
  • Broadband connectivity supports transactional traffic, back-office apps, VoIP, IP-based security, digital signage
  • Secure and PCI compliant connectivity

As a Credit Union, we set a very high standard for customer service, and we expect the same from our partners. With SageNet, we know we are important.

Marty O'Connell

CIO / Truity Credit Union

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