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Why LED Video Walls Are Becoming Powerful Business Tools

Author: IV DIckson, Director, Digital Signage /Tuesday, November 20, 2018/Categories: Professional Services for your Network

Digital signage engages customers in ways that static signs can’t. Video, audio and text content can be programmed and customized based on location, time of day, and a specific target audience. The customer experience is enhanced with information, entertainment, and interactive elements, and the cross-promotional and upsell opportunities are endless. 

While digital signage has proven to be a powerful tool for engaging customers and boosting sales, think about the impact you could create by expanding the concept to an entire wall. A video wall is comprised of multiple displays, arranged in a tile pattern, to create one large display for delivering content. Similar to traditional digital signage solutions, video wall content and display settings are remotely managed through a controller. For video walls, the controller splits a single image into parts so that it can be shown on multiple displays. 

Full-blown video walls, some more than 200 feet wide and 100 feet high, are now being used across industry to attract and engage customers. For example:

  • Airports use video walls to provide information in a way that can be seen from long distances.
  • Malls use video walls to entertain and share promotional offers with shoppers.
  • Event venues use video walls to display footage from concerts, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, etc.
  • Casinos use video walls to entertain guests and promote events.
  • Hotels use video walls in lobbies to provide information about amenities, restaurants, and local attractions.
  • Schools use video walls to display educational materials in lecture halls and provide information to students and visitors.

Traditionally, video walls have been constructed using LCD panels with thin bezels and frames. These panels are meant to be viewed from directly in front and must be recalibrated regularly to ensure uniform brightness and color. They are also relatively expensive. Because of these limitations, LED has become the preferred technology for video walls to maximize efficiency and image quality.

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which means LED is capable of producing its own light. Because LEDs don’t have filaments like traditional light bulbs, they don’t burn out or create heat. As a result, LED displays are extremely efficient and durable. LEDs can also support high pixel density, or pitch, which has elevated LED image quality to a level that approaches the quality of LCD.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go out and choose displays with the highest pixel pitch. You have to choose the right pixel pitch based on the average viewing distance. For example, a finer pixel pitch is required if people will be close the LED video wall but will be wasted if the wall is viewed from a distance. 

You also have to choose the right controller. Hardware-based controllers are very reliable but lack flexibility. Software-based controllers, on the other hand, are capable of launching a wide range of applications to enhance content. LED video walls always require a controller of some sort, but other solutions may not need a controller at all if the system is designed correctly.

SageNet offers end-to-end digital signage solutions that account for everything – not just image quality and content management but also network connectivity and security. The first step is to understand your business requirements and goals and perform site surveys to determine the best displays for your environment. 

Drawing on decades of digital signage experience, we can then design, install, deploy and centrally monitor LED video walls across multiple sites. We can also help you create an effective content strategy. Let us show you how our proven digital signage development methodology can help you harness the power of LED video walls in your organization.


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