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How Transparent LED Film Turns Any Glass Surface into Digital Signage

Author: IV DIckson, Director, Digital Signage /Wednesday, October 03, 2018/Categories: Professional Services for your Network

LED display technology is advancing rapidly. It’s becoming more versatile and flexible, literally and figuratively, so it can be seamlessly integrated with surrounding environments. As a result, organizations can take advantage of innovative digital signage solutions and deliver content that enhances the customer experience and drives more sales.

One groundbreaking development is transparent LED film, which displays video and imagery on a thin film on a glass surface while allowing the user to still see through the surface. Any glass surface can be turned into digital signage by simply attaching the self-adhesive film. For example, convenience stores can use their front windows to engage customers in the store without obstructing their view of gas pumps or blocking outdoor light. 

No replacement of glass or infrastructure is necessary. No complicated construction or mounting is necessary. Just add the film. When transparent LED film is turned off, it’s virtually invisible.

Last year, LG introduced a grayscale version of the LG Transparent LED Film at InfoComm 2017, where it won a Digital Signage Best of Show Award. In June, the LG Transparent Color LED Film display was unveiled at InfoComm 2018.Just 1.5 mm thick, the color version delivers more than 1,000 nits of brightness and maintains 73 percent transparency. Each 668 x 480 mm panel contains 560 LED pixels to support video, images and animation in a wide range of vivid colors on a 24 mm pitch display. 

LG Transparent Color LED Film displays can even be combined with additional films or cut in parallel with the bezel to create a customized solution that precisely fits your surface. LG film also supports curves up to 1,100R concave for curved glass or windows. When not in use, it blends into the glass and is unnoticeable.

Each LG Transparent Color LED Film is connected to a bezel kit, which can also be used to connect multiple films. The bezel kit is connected to a power source as well as a unit controller. You can also connect an Ethernet switch between the bezel kit and the unit controller, which is then connected to the system controller.

LG Transparent Color LED Film is ideal for indoor and window-facing areas with large glass surfaces.As mentioned previously, virtually any glass surface can be transformed into a digital signage display. Use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Convenience and retail storefront windows and entryways
  • Safety barriers in retail malls
  • Mass transit rail platforms
  • Hotel and office lobbies
  • Glass elevator shafts
  • Exhibit halls

LG Transparent Color LED Film opens the door to a number of new digital signage applications. However, digital signage can easily drain bandwidth and resources without delivering any real business benefit if not approached strategically. 

SageNet has the experience to guide you through every aspect of digital signage integration and deployment – needs analysis, solution design, content strategy and creation, software and hardware installation and configuration, and connectivity optimization. We also offer ongoing maintenance, management and monitoring of your solution to prevent issues that affect the customer experience. Let us show you how digital signage innovations such as LG Transparent Color LED film can help you engage customers and increase sales.


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