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Content Filtering

The Content Filtering service helps you limit your users’ access to inappropriate sites on the web. The service is constantly updated with URLs and IP addresses of websites that host malware and other harmful content. Additionally, the URLs are classified into web categories such as “Security Risk”, “Controversial”, etc., thereby helping you control (allow or disallow) internet access based on web categories.


  • Block access to predefined categories of web pages
  • Customer may define filtering groups to permit, deny or conditionally allow URL access
  • Block inappropriate content without disrupting business traffic
  • "Whitelists" and "Blacklists" assure that filtering categories can be customized
  • Log and report users’ Internet activities to track and control network resources


  • Protect Corporate network from malicious content
  • Control internet access costs and ensure employee productivity
  • Reduce exposure to corporate liability due to inappropriate content