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Private Broadband Network

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Private Broadband Network

SageNet owns and operates one of the largest private networks in the U.S., providing the benefits of leased lines in a solution that is more flexible and cost-effective. We select the best services from leading telecommunications providers to connect your remote sites to our own equipment in our co-location facilities. We then connect those circuits to your corporate data center — all without touching the public Internet.

Our Private Broadband Network provides you:

  • Improved Performance
  • Quality of Service
  • Greater Security
  • High Availability
  • Complete Flexibility

Our private broadband network represents a unique set of skills honed through 30 years of experience across more than 160,000 customer locations. Our managed network solutions team is proactive, responsive and disciplined, and able to adapt to changing business climates and technologies.

Our private broadband network also provides the framework for unique solutions that improve the reliability and resiliency of your WAN and mission-critical systems:

  • Internet Backhaul. Offloading Internet-bound traffic to us frees up bandwidth in your corporate network.
  • Hosting and Disaster Recovery. We can host your mission-critical systems in our carrier-grade co-location facilities, with connectivity across our private broadband network. These facilities can also serve as cost-effective “hot-hot” disaster recovery sites.