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Emergency Communications

Whether the cause is natural or man-made, large scale or local, when disaster strikes coordinated command and control is vital to fast response, to saving lives, and to sustained recovery.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the same event that creates the emergency to also take down the established communications networks. This not only applies to traditional wired communications, but power disruptions and outages to backhaul communications lines can render 3G/4G wireless and radio systems useless.

Satellite expertise is a must

Understanding of network technologies is essential for all managed network services providers. However, emergency services personnel in the military, homeland security, first responder organizations, and other government agencies should turn to a managed network services provider with proven and extensive satellite communications expertise when developing and supporting an emergency communications solution. (These solutions also offer private sector enterprises cost-effective business continuity service for affordable and flexible emergency communications and equipment when they need it, even when local network services are down.)

Flexibility and reliability are essential

Each organization has unique capabilities, missions... and budgetary requirements. Some may require short-term consultative services and technical expertise. Other organizations made need a fully integrated comprehensive Wide Area Network solution. Your Managed Network Services provider should offer a complete range of services and products to support your organization, including professional services, network integration, satellite equipment, managed satellite and hybrid solutions.

The first step for the managed service provider must be to develop a clear picture of your organization: its mission, operational objectives, internal capabilities, and budgetary constraints. This understanding is essential in preparing a communications solution that best fulfills your unique requirements. Examples of emergency communications packages include:

  • SageNet's Spacenet-ECS (Emergency Communications Services) can provide affordable and flexible pay-as-you-use emergency satellite communications solution.
  • Integrated Land Mobile Radio (LMR)/satellite communications solutions can deliver seamless and cost-effective backhaul for LMR and backup to terrestrial lines that support Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs).
  • Emergency communications vehicles with integrated satellite service offer a transportable ‘command post’ providing converged data, voice, and video communications that can be deployed in ten minutes or less.

Perhaps most importantly, your managed network services provider must have the service and support organization to back it all up. This would include 24/7/365 network operations centers, nationwide support network, and the experience, stability and resources to ensure that while your team is taking care of people in need, your managed network services provider is taking care of you.

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