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Transportable Satellite Products

For Comms-on-the-Move, Comms-on-the-Pause, constant connectivity or occasional use, we offer a wide range of transportable and mobile satellite products that provide the ability to communicate, no matter where, no matter when, no matter what™.

Our transportable solutions offer all the benefits of our mission-critical VSAT and BGAN networking with the ability to go virtually anywhere and deploy in a matter of minutes. We offer its unique transportable service options for use in a wide range of application environments, delivering high-reliability services with just the push of a button.

Our transportable satellite communication solutions include BGAN-based COTM solutions and VSAT-based COTP solutions featuring industry-leading auto-acquire VSAT antennas and our cutting edge SkyEdge II platform. Adding Spacenet-Ku satellite services to these field-proven products delivers a robust, reliable transportable solution suited for emergency responders, oil and gas companies, and utilities sectors.

From flyaway antennas to Vehicle mount antennas, from rack-mounted satellite modems to ruggedized transportable communications kits (ION), and from dedicated emergency communication services to flexible always-on, part-time, low cost Business Continuity services, We can customize a solution to fit your needs.

Our transportable solutions also include mobile command units that range from SUV-based units, RV-based units or trailer-drawn units equipped with a wide range of communications equipment. Our Mobile Command Units can be built from the ground up or converted from existing vehicle platforms.