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Field-Proven Technology for the Most Demanding Environments

SageNet offers a wide range of network hardware and software products, matching the ideal product and platform to the unique qualities and demands of each site, and across the enterprise. Our technology-neutral approach enables us to select the ideal products and technologies for each customer environment.

We have established configuration, sales, and support relationships with leading hardware, software, and network equipment vendors. Through these valued-added relationships, we are able to provide our customers with procurement support for all of their equipment needs. As a vendor-independent company, we can source the best product for the best price. Learn more.

We offer an array of networking equipment including: 

Managed Network Appliances
Satellite, terrestrial, cellular or Wi-Fi – regardless of connectivity or carrier, SageNet offers a wide range of managed network appliances, hubs and routers as well as a full range of network optimization products, each selected to meet your connectivity, reliability and security needs. Learn more.

Fixed Satellite Products
Whether supporting 5,000 retail stores, 500 utility substations or 50 riggers, roughnecks and roustabouts on a platform in the Gulf, SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services fixed satellite products deliver rugged, reliable, secure, and cost-effective communications matched to specific needs. Learn more.

Transportable & Mobile Satellite Products
For Comms-on-the-Move, Comms-on-the-Pause, constant connectivity or occasional use, SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services offers a wide range of transportable and mobile satellite products that provide the ability to communicate, no matter where, no matter when, no matter what™.  Learn more.