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Whether electricity, natural gas or water, getting this precious cargo from its source to our homes and businesses requires an extensive and intricate meshwork of transmission lines, pipelines, water lines, pumping stations and substations. The journey from source to consumer may cross thousands of miles of often remote and isolated territory. A failure (whether from natural, mechanical or man-made causes) anywhere along the way can affect hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

The key to preventing avoidable disruptions and recovering and restoring services when the unavoidable happens, is real-time monitoring throughout the system. we provide wide area network solutions for some of the Nation’s leading utilities. We have extensive experience with VSAT-based solutions for electric, gas and water utilities including support for SCADA applications, smart grid applications, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, as well as video surveillance and voice over IP.

For example, our Spacenet-Ku SCADA/M2M services provide an always on, satellite-based private and secure IP network connection designed to support remote monitoring, SCADA applications, remote sensing equipment, and other transaction-based applications. It can be deployed to remote locations supporting pipelines, power, water and other utility distribution sites.

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In fact, we recently helped a municipal electric company reduce costs while increasing uptime for more than a hundred substations and generation locations. With the SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services solution, the utility realized:

  • A jump in uptime from 93 percent with the legacy network to 99.99 percent.
  • Up to an 8 time increase in data transmission speed from substation to the Energy Control Center (ECC)
  • Data transmissions every 15 seconds instead of every five minutes, enabling more accurate planning of power requirements
  • And a reduction in new remote site deployment times from two months to less than two weeks.

The SCADA Advantage
We surpass the offerings of satellite-only providers, with a broad range of managed network services including broadband, 3G/4G, MPLS solutions, 24/7 monitoring, and a nationwide field service organization.

We also offers built-in redundancy for high availability networks, quick deployment times with transportable options available, faster data transmission and quick response times with real-time control. And best of all, the entire network can be managed from one location for complete simplicity.