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M2M, SCADA, Smart Grid & Security for Unmanned Remote Sites

While the digital world grabs headlines, the real-world remains dependent on the tangible utilities that are fundamental to our comfort, and to our very survival. Whether its power, oil, natural gas or water, the journey from source to consumer may cross thousands of miles of often remote and isolated territory. A failure anywhere along the way can affect tens of thousands of people.

The key to preventing avoidable disruptions and recovering and restoring services when the unavoidable happens, is real-time monitoring throughout the system.

Our Communications Solutions to Public Utilities

Offering built-in redundancy and quick deployment with transportable options available, fast data transmission and rapid response times with real-time control, we provide proven Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions for some of the nation’s leading utilities. Our electric, oil, gas and water utilities solutions include:

  • VSAT and broadband-based solutions for electric, oil, gas and water utilities including support for SCADA, smart grid, substation automation, video surveillance, and VoIP.
  • Spacenet-Ku SCADA/M2M services, provide an always-on, satellite-based private and secure IP network connection designed to support remote monitoring, SCADA applications, remote sensing equipment, and other transaction-based applications.
  • For isolated outdoor applications, our integrated, weatherproof encased VSAT and VSAT/ BGAN hybrid solutions deliver flawless service in even the harshest environments. 

    Technology-Neutral Approach
    From hardware to connectivity, our technology-neutral suite of Cable, EoC, DSL, T1, 4G, Satellite, MPLS and Wi-Fi solutions delivers the broadest, most reliable coverage and the lowest total cost of ownership. We offer MPLS services, built-in redundancy for high availability, quick deployment times, fast data transmission and fast response times with real-time control. And best of all, the entire network can be managed from one location for complete simplicity.

    Full Lifecycle Services
    Our utilities industry expertise features a comprehensive suite of full lifecycle solutions including network connectivity, security, implementation, support, on-site maintenance and repair.

    24/7 Nationwide Support
    Each location is backed by state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Management and Operation Centers, with a nationwide service and support organization.

    Learn more about our sector specific experience and offerings:

    •    BGAN
    •    SCADA

    To find out how our optimized Network can deliver the speed, security, availability and control your organization demands, contact us for a Network Optimization Check-up today.