• Power-full Communications

    We offer built-in redundancy, quick deployment, fast data transmission and rapid response times with real-time control for proven Wide Area Network solutions for the nation’s leading utilities.
    • VSAT and broadband-based solutions for electric, oil, gas and water utilities including support for SCADA, smart grid, substation automation, video surveillance, and VoIP.
    • Spacenet-Ku SCADA/M2M services provide an always-on, satellite-based private and secure IP network connection designed to support remote monitoring, remote sensing equipment, and other transaction-based applications.

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  • SCADA & Smart Grid


    SageNet recently helped a municipal electric company reduce costs while increasing uptime for more than a hundred substations and generation locations. With the Spacenet solution, the utility realized:
    • A jump in uptime from 93 percent with the legacy network to 99.99 percent.
    • Up to an 8 time increase in data transmission speed from substation to the Energy Control Center (ECC)
    • Data transmissions every 15 seconds instead of every five minutes, enabling more accurate planning of power requirements
    • And a reduction in new remote site deployment times from two months to less than two weeks


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  • BGAN & BGAN Hybrids

    SageNet's Spacenet-BGAN solutions can be integrated into hybrid solutions that leverage the most cost-effective connectivity available at each location:

    • Security: Supports public and private network options
    • Simultaneous voice and broadband data up to 492kbps
    • Supports the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data
    • Plug-&-Play, no technical expertise or training needed


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  • Advanced Network Monitoring


    We operate our own end-to-end services infrastructure including network management, field services and earth station facilities in Washington,  Atlanta, and Chicago.

    • Full-featured Maintenance Plans
    • Equipment limited warranty (10-year MTBF)
    • Onsite Maintenance Plans
    • Next Business Day, Same Day, 24 x 7
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Find out why some of the nation’s largest utilities networks rely on our bandwidth and infrastructure for sure, secure communications.


Connectivity that Empowers Public Utilities

Wired, Wireless BGAN and VSAT-based solutions for electric, gas and water utilities including support for SCADA , smart grid, video surveillance, VoIP and more.

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All-Weather VSAT/BGAN Hybrid

The SageNet Armadillo Advantage is a unique Ku-band terminal that also features integrated BGAN capabilities. This innovative technology provides seamless switchover from primary VSAT connectivity to alternate satellite connectivity when needed.

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Network Check-up

Let us show you how our technology-neutral Managed Network Services can increase bandwidth, reliability and security while lowering total cost of ownership.