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Pay-as-you-grow Unified Communications as a Service

The cost-effective network integration of the latest Unified Communications (UC) capabilities provides multi-site enterprises with a powerful tool for gaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic retail environment.

Unified Communications features have matured over the years to gain acceptance and become valuable to businesses; at the store-level and across the enterprise. UC incorporates not only VoIP to replace traditional voice communication, it also includes unified messaging, presence, chat, voice/video conferencing and much more. Whether you need the added features of UC or not, you cannot ignore the cost-savings and efficiency advanced VoIP delivers over legacy voice systems. However, identifying, developing, deploying and managing a do-it-yourself, internally-developed UC solution can prove risky and expensive.

Powered by Ribbon Communications' Kandy Cloud UC, SageNet UC services offer a scalable, pay-as-you-grow solution that takes the trial-and-error out of truly unified and integrated enterprise-wide communications. Our UC model greatly reduces the capital investment cost and provides a simple ROI model that eliminates high cost of entry for businesses typically associated with UC deployment.

Unified Communications Benefits

  • Rich Communication Features and Flexibility
  • Single data circuit for both voice and data needs
  • Eliminates need for dedicated VoIP PRIs or multiple POTS lines
  • Lower Capital Cost
  • No purchase required for VoIP infrastructure including IP PBX
  • Fixed Recurring Cost

Faster ROI, Greater Peace of Mind 

Our cloud-based UC services help customers expedite the deployment of Unified Communications to the farthest reaches of the enterprise. Unlike other cloud-based service solutions, our UC approach delivers flexible, best-in-class multimedia capabilities, along with the carrier-grade reliability, security and interoperability necessary to maintain the outstanding Quality of Service customers can gain from our MPLS network.

Our UC technology, combined with the Connect Series of Tiered Managed Network Services, extends our legendary “no matter where, no matter when, no matter what” communications to include virtually any UC-enabled device.

An integral component of our UC solution is a strategic plan for the seamless migration from legacy voice systems to advanced VoIP with SIP Trunking. What’s more, our failover capabilities, automatically switch to a back-up network (such as 3G/4G) or a POTS line should your primary network connectivity fail. These expanded UC offerings provide our customers with a suite of market-proven integrated communications solutions including:

  • Unified Messaging     
  • Unified Multimedia Conferencing and Collaboration
  • HD VoIP
  • Mobile End-point Integration, including Smartphones and Tablets
  • And a Host of Available Standard, Premium and Custom Value-added Features

 Download our Unified Communications Data Sheet.