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Premises Security

Integrating premises security with the data network, video surveillance and physical access control solutions can readily be deployed throughout one building or in multiple locations around the world. Organizations benefit from lower-cost deployment, greater flexibility and scalability, and simplified management.

Our Premises Security Solutions include:

  • Video Surveillance. With a network-based video surveillance system, high-quality video is captured by digital cameras and transmitted over the wired or wireless LAN, WAN or broadband connection. Monitors and cameras can be attached to the network wherever they are required, and the entire system managed as another network application. With the right storage infrastructure, video data can be retained indefinitely to meet legal, regulatory and business process requirements. Security personnel can monitor and review surveillance video from any Internet-connected device.
  • Physical Access Control. Network-based access control solutions use the data network infrastructure and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to connect, control and power electronic door locks, door position switches and card readers. These solutions eliminate the special cabling and power requirements of traditional access control systems — door security can be added anywhere there’s a network connection. They also streamline the application of security policies, roles and access rights through integration with existing directory services. Non-specialist personnel can manage the access control system through a browser-based interface.Significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to in-house management of service as well as CPE based UTM services.

SageNet leverages its extensive expertise in networking and related technologies to deliver comprehensive video surveillance and physical access control solutions. We can ensure that the network has the bandwidth to support security applications and design and implement a solution that precisely meets your needs. We also provide managed services and security system maintenance to protect your investment and ensure optimal and accurate system performance.

While many organizations are moving to network-based access control, we also offer traditional access control solutions. This blend of expertise makes SageNet the right choice for organizations with significant investments in existing equipment that are transitioning to a network-based architecture.

Download the Premises Security Data Sheet.

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