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Why the Content Management System is the Heart of Digital Signage

Author: IV DIckson, Director, Digital Signage /Wednesday, December 20, 2017/Categories: Professional Services for your Network

In our last post, we discussed the complexities of a digital signage initiative and the challenges CMOs face when selecting an outsourcing partner. CMOs recognize they need to clearly define and execute a comprehensive digital signage strategy, but often lack technology expertise and in-house IT support. However, many digital signage providers offer only a partial solution, leaving it up to marketing teams to fill in all the gaps.

Digital signage initiatives are much more complex now than they were in the past. Back in the day, implementing digital signage was as simple as setting up a large flat-screen TV, attaching a VCR or DVD player, and hitting play. The content simply played over and over again in a static loop.

That kind of digital signage simply would not work today. Organizations need the ability to deliver ever-changing content to displays in a wide range of locations. That’s why the content management system (CMS) has become the heart of any digital signage system.

A CMS combines a content repository with software that enables the scheduling and distribution of content across one or more displays. Many CMSs also enable users to create custom content within the system, and add news feeds, weather forecasts and other information pertinent to viewers. Some systems make it possible to customize the content by location. The CMS may also provide a number of other capabilities, such as the ability to monitor the status of displays and the network.

The CMS can be run directly on a media player or locally on a computer desktop, but this requires users to physically access individual machines. That approach is impractical for large or geographically distributed implementations. Cloud-based CMSs allow you to access the system via a browser-based dashboard from virtually any device. What’s more, the cloud provider hosts all your files, saving storage space and making it easy to distribute content to the right displays at the right time.

SageNet’s fully managed digital signage solution features an all-in-one cloud-based CMS that simplifies the creation, design, scheduling, editing and publishing of digital signage content. Fresh content is pulled from the content management host and delivered to displays according to your schedule. The system enables dynamic scheduling of content based upon a variety of metrics, including sales targets, inventory and customer traffic.

The system delivers digital signage player software to any enterprise-ready media player, with support for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems. It also has the ability to auto-locate, manage and monitor individual remote displays as needed.

The SageNet digital signage team also provides content strategy and creation support, either a la carte or as part of our turnkey solution. We work with your marketing team to develop a realistic, achievable and effective content strategy. We also offer managed monthly content updates in conjunction with our cloud-based CMS, with content development services available.

The “spray and pray” approach to digital signage does not suffice in today’s environment. You need dynamic, highly customized content that engages the viewer and elevates the customer experience. Let SageNet show you how our cloud-based CMS and support services can help optimize your digital signage strategy.


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