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Why CMOs Need a Turnkey Approach to Digital Signage

Author: IV DIckson, Director, Digital Signage /Thursday, December 14, 2017/Categories: Professional Services for your Network

Digital signage has become a core component of the retail environment. Consumers want to be entertained and informed, and expect sophisticated one-on-one engagement in the retail environment. To be competitive, retailers need a digital signage strategy that delivers the right content to the right displays at the right time to create an immersive experience for customers. 

The key word is strategy. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) recognize that they must establish goals for their digital signage initiatives, and choose technology components that will meet those objectives. However, CMOs often lack in-house support for their technology initiatives, leading Gartner to predict that the CMO will soon outspend the CIO on IT. In many cases, CMOs must rely upon outside resources to implement their digital signage strategies.

Digital signage is complex, with many moving parts. While the displays get all the attention, behind the scenes are servers, software and media players, and the network that connects it all together. In addition to developing an effective content strategy, and creating, managing and distributing content, CMOs are faced with the task of:

  • Selecting and implementing the right content management system (CMS)
  • Evaluating media players, and determining which operating system to use
  • Choosing the right displays for various applications and environmental conditions
  • Ensuring robust wired and wireless connectivity with multicast capabilities
  • Deploying, monitoring and maintaining displays
  • Troubleshooting problems, and replacing hardware that fails or is damaged

Few IT teams have expertise in all of these components, or the time and resources to assist with implementation and management. Furthermore, IT tends to overlook the marketing department when it comes to technology initiatives. That’s why many CMOs turn to cloud-based tools and outsourcing.

When it comes to digital signage, finding the right partner can be difficult. Most “digital signage” companies only offer pieces of the puzzle. CMOs need an end-to-end solution backed by experienced experts who understand the technology and the business and operational complexities it can bring.

SageNet takes a fully managed, turnkey approach to digital signage. We begin with a needs analysis so that we can understand your short- and long-term goals. We also conduct site surveys to identify any environmental factors that would affect the choice of hardware and connectivity requirements. Only then we do we develop an integrated solution design. Our certified technicians recommend hardware components that best fit your unique needs and budget — based not only on manufacturer specifications but extensive field experience. Their expertise saves you hours of effort and maximizes the success of your implementation.

We handle the procurement of the specified displays, players, routers, switches, servers and other gear, and the staging, configuration, testing and re-testing of the equipment. Our nationwide network of certified technicians provides complete installation services, with all work orchestrated by our experienced project managers.

We recognize that digital signage is not a “set and forget” operation. Our fully redundant Network Operations Centers provide 24x7 monitoring of players and displays, with detailed device management, screen diagnostics and alerts. We provide troubleshooting and site-level support for non-technical staff, and nationwide break/fix maintenance and field support with 24-hour response.

In future posts, we’ll discuss our content management solutions and services and our technology-neutral connectivity capabilities. Meanwhile, contact us to learn how our turnkey approach maximizes the success of your digital signage initiative.


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