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It Takes a Monster to Defeat a Monster

There’s a new breed of cyber predators out there, and they’re hungry, fierce and aggressive. To do battle you need a SIEM that’s agile, controllable and powerful. Let SIEMonster and SageNet show you how an open source, license-free SIEM makes world-class cybersecurity affordable for everyone.

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What is SIEMonster

SIEMonster is a cybersecurity game-changer. A turnkey, open source, enterprise-grade Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, SIEMonster was developed as a scalable, cost-effective alternative to the existing commercial SIEM solutions. Contrary to traditional SIEM solutions, the base software package is free, and the licensing model has no data or node limitations. SIEMonster is fully documented as well as has optional software, services, and Enterprise Support upgrade packages.


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What is a SIEM?

Protecting your company’s assets from cyber-attacks is a never-ending complex task. An effective defense requires visibility across your entire environment. Most devices and applications found in a typical IT environment (servers, workstations, security appliances, firewalls, network appliances, anti-virus, endpoint protection, printers, SCADA data, Active Directory, etc.) have the ability to send an event or alert; however, these alerts are not aggregated into a single view nor correlated across other security events taking place within the environment.


A SIEM solution delivers the critical functionality of 1) collecting data source type event logs 2) correlating this data within a broader security context 3) separating false positives from real threats and 4) alerting security operations that an attack may be underway.  Through leveraging SIEM technology, security analysts and engineers are equipped for delivering effective monitoring, response, and remediation services.

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SIEMonster Architecture with AWS Integration


SIEMonster: Sample of what it can monitor and alert on

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What is SIEMonster | SIEMonster Features | SIEMonster Options | Download SIEMonster | SageNet Cybersecurity